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Molecular laboratory setting up started

We are very happy that the setting up of the future molecular laboratories started. This is a long process but the goal will be…

Answer to Sharp et al. The origin of Plasmodium vivax: science or story telling?

We thank Sharp et al. (2021) for pointing out the mistakes in the schematic phylogeny presented in Fig. 1 that appeared during the multiple…

New review in Malaria Journal on Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium simium origin in the Americas

In this paper we review the existing body of knowledge, and present the most recent studies that addressed the origin of P. vivax and…

Starting of the chacma baboons fecal sample collection!

We start the chacma baboons fecal samples collection session in Western Cape along an anthropisation gradient.

Welcome to Elizabeth Kennedy Overton who just joined us for her Master internship!

Elizabeth joined us for her Master 2 internship to study the diet characteristics of chacma baboons along a wild-rural-urban transect in Western Cape, South…

New review in FEMS on the origin and adaptation of P. falciparum and P. vivax

In this paper we review the existing body of knowledge, including current research dealing with these questions, focusing particularly on genetic analysis and genomic…

Departure for REHABS

New affectation in the international laboratory REHABS, George, SOuth Africa” 1st November 2021.