Lab expertises

Research evolution of monkey plasmodium parasites in french guiana

evolutionary adaptation of chacma baboons

Laboratory expertises

We implemented multiple new protocols and technics.

The last 16 years of experience allowed us to implement multiple new protocols in molecular biology, genetics, genomics, and cellular biology and technics to work mainly on non-invasive specimens. We are very happy to share our experience and help in any research project for the technical laboratory steps. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


We are happy to share our expertise!

We can provide collaborators and colleagues any protocols, advices, and consulting expertise for their research projects.

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"A research experience from the field to the laboratory"

Pathogens screening
We developed PCR protocols to screen multiple pathogens, such as Plasmodium, Trypanosomes, DNA and RNA viruses, diverses bacteria species.
Plasmodium genomic
We applied, testes and devloped several technics to obtained full genomes of Plasmodium parasites.
Functional genomic
We are implementing functionnal genomic studies of Plasmodium parasites.
Samples processing
As a team, we try to do our best to organise and get the most of any samples collected.
Host DNA depletion
We built field laboratories in Gabon to apply a protocol to get rid of host DNA in samples treated.
Biosafety laboratory expertise
We have expertise in handling samples in biosafety laboratories 2 and 3. We are used to culture cells maintenance for functionnal genomic tests.